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staff sponsorship – Thomas Hughes

Posted by on 1:21 pm in weekly blog | 0 comments   ESC Global are proud to support local rugby clubs and rugby players. We have two semi-professional rugby players within the organisation, so rugby is a core part of our culture and an important element of our corporate social responsibility. Today we are introducing you to Tom Hughes, who currently plays for Scunthorpe Rugby Club in the scrum half position. For those of you not familiar to rugby, the scrum half is the key player in a rugby team as he is at the centre of all that happens. He is the link between the forwards and the backs, and is a key player in deciding the calls at line-out and scrums. Scrum halves are accurate passer of the ball, a good tackler, quick off the mark, and can read the game to develop game tactics. In work, Tom is one of our Senior Water Treatment Engineers, he specialises in steam boilers and cooling towers and manages the accounts of several of our key clients. Tom has worked for us for 7 years, and now manages several members of staff. ESC Global are proud to have sponsored Tom and Scunthorpe Rugby Club since Tom joined our company 7 years ago, we are honoured to support him and his passion for rugby. We often attend rugby matches and enjoy seeing Tom in action on the pitch, although the bruises and injuries he sometimes suffers do prompt winces and comments of concern from colleagues and customers. We work with Tom to allow him to work flexibly around training, travelling and the gym when required as it is important Tom can maintain his fitness and attend training. We contribute towards rugby kit for both Tom and the team through our annual sponsorship of Scunthorpe Rugby Club. This sponsorship makes a valuable contribution to the running of the club, which also has an active grass roots junior and mini team, encouraging young new players to take up the sport. We feel this is important as both our rugby players began playing at a young age in a mini and juniors league. Without support and sponsorship, younger players would not have the opportunity to engage in rugby and begin a lifelong passion for what is a great sport and community. We will continue to sponsor Tom as we feel it’s important our staff are happy and healthy and have a good work life balance. We recognise Toms commitment to, and passion for rugby, and our sponsorship of him has the added benefit of our company logo being displayed in match day programmes and on the club’s kit. Sponsoring Tom and Scunthorpe allows us to network within other organisations, and it’s a great opportunity for us to show off our staff in a different light when we entertain customers on match days. In a future blog we will introduce you to our other rugby player, Stephen...

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Product Case study – ESC 270

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Primarily for deposit and corrosion inhibition in steam systems ESC 270 is a specifically formulated single chemical deposit and corrosion inhibitor designed to protect a whole steam system. ESC 270 has a unique combination of calming and neutralising amines which act in synergy to form a monomolecular layer on heat transfer surfaces therefore greatly improving heat transfer by preventing deposition and the formation of excessive magnetite. The formula is volatile and therefore dissipates in to steam to protect all heat transfer surfaces and condensate systems. The benefits of applying ESC 270 over traditional single, two or three chemical regimes are – Single chemical regime – ESC 270 is a single chemical blend with multifunctional attributes to protect the whole boiler system from depoition and corrosion. Volatile protection – ESC 270 is a volatile chemical which dissipates in to the steam to protect heat transfer surfaces in the boiler and condensate system Low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – ESC 270 has minimal effect on TDS, resulting in lower feed water make-up TDS so significantly reducing required boiler blow down. Energy efficiency and cost reduction – A reduction in blow down directly links to a reduction in fuel requirement, having substantial positive impact on energy efficiency and costs. Reduced maintenance and down times – carbonic acid naturally present in the condensate system causes severe corrosion resulting in increased down time and maintenance cost. ESC 270 protects the condensate return and heat exchanger so increasing the longevity of your system. Idle boilers – the monomolecular layer formed when applying ESC 270 protects the metallic surfaces and inhibits corrosion, this layer is robust and resistant even at times of idling running and stand by. Lower application rates – a proportion of ESC 270 returns to the feed tanks/hotwell from the condensate return this means that a lower application rate is required to achieve the necessary chemical reserve which is lost through blow downs and operations. Safety – ESC 270 reduces the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals onsite which is an advantage for sites with limited space FDA – ESC 270 is FDA approved Real life Application of ESC 270 on site   General Information A large textile wash plant based in the South Yorkshire area using steam to sterilise and clean units (such as towels, bedding, bath mats etc) ready to be packed and delivered to their customers. The plant operates using a 10,000lb/hr steam boiler which runs 24/7. Originally the site used a two-chemical regime of sulphite and phosphate.   Improvements ESC Global Ltd highlighted areas in which the overall system, operation and costs could be improved. The application of ESC 270 generated savings in chemical application rates, boiler blow down rates, fuel and energy costs, water use and overall operating costs through a reduced maintenance regime.   Using industry standard and norms for calculating boiler blow down values – % Boiler Blow Down = TDS in Feeds Water x 100 Target Boiler Water TDS – Feed Water TDS Initial figures BEFORE – 880/3500 – 880 = 880/2620 x 100 % = 33.5% Figures post application of ESC 270 – 344/3500 – 344 = 344/3056 x 100 % = 11.2%   TOTAL SAVING = 22.3% reduction on blow down which directly links to fuel, water and maintenance savings   Conclusion The...

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Development of E.S.C

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This week’s article will be about the development of the Environmental Speciality Chemical Group.   Environmental Speciality Chemicals Ltd was founded in 1998 as a company developing water treatment services and sales throughout Europe. The company’s success caused growth and the E.S.C name soon became a market leader in Europe. Now companies that are part of the E.S.C group supply Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.   All the companies that are part of the Environmental Speciality Chemicals Group follow strict procedures set by ISO 14001, OHSAAS 28001, ISO 9001, CHAS, LCA, Construction line and BSRIA. These accreditations will give customers confidence to discuss their problems with us.   E.S.C has over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry providing detailed knowledge on water and water related problems.   E.S.C Group supply services and chemicals to various industries, including international racing teams, designer clothing brands, launderettes, major food and beverage companies, Iron, steel, copper and aluminium manufacturers and chemical manufacturers. Our Norwegian company, Global Mitco AS supplies to North Sea industries and affiliated petrochemical sectors.   To ensure our customers are satisfied, E.S.C group offer our customers an opportunity to fill in a customer feedback sheet every 3 months.   Environmental Speciality Chemicals 1998 Environmentally Speciality Chemicals was inaugurated in 1998 in the UK as a company developing water treatment services and sale outlets throughout Northern Europe and the UK.     2000 E.S.C sets up new company – Global Concept Poland inaugurated – specialising in sales/service to the polish industry. Due to growth and success within the water treatment sector, Global Concept rapidly became a market leaders in Poland.   2007 E.S.C purchases Norwegian company Global Mitco Norway – then a significant customer of E.S.C. Mitco are experts in all aspects of water treatment services for manufacturing, industrial, commercial and domestic water systems.   2008 E.S.C sets up company in Sweden. Global Concepts Svergi inaugurated to provide water treatment services to the Swedish market.   2009 E.S.C Global Polska inaugurated – as the manufacturing plant for the E.S.C group. Manufacturing plant moved from Doncaster UK to Poland E.S.C Global Limited inaugurated – to establish sales and services to the water industry in the UK.   2014 New production facility and sites opened in Poland.                   2016 E.S.C obtains controlling share of Aquanoah Norway – specialising in copper and silver for control of microorganisms in water...

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E.S.C supports local hospice

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Hi all   It is my pleasure to share with you an email that was received from Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.   During the Christmas period of 2016, the staff here at ESC Global participated in a Christmas jumper day, and have helped raised £65 that will be donated to the Bluebells Wood Children’s Hospice.   This is a magnificent achievement when you consider the size of our team.     The email that was received said –   Dear Ms Reeder   I am emailing you in respect of your recent donation to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, made through our website,   We are incredibly grateful for your donation, which you raised at your Christmas Jumper Day.   Your donation of £65.00 means so much to our children, young adults and their families.  Your support helps us to continue providing incredibly special memories for families facing really tough times, helping us to continue offering a wide range of services to the hundreds of families who need our support.  This includes respite, end of life care, sibling support, play therapy sessions and much, much more – we are there for the whole family throughout.   By choosing to help families in our community that have a child who won’t survive into adulthood, you make sure that we can be there fore everybody that needs us.  Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to support the number of families we do.   Finally, if you haven’t got your Christmas cards yet, we have a great selection online at All proceeds from our cards go to support the children we care for.   Again, we’d like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all of our children, young adults and families for your amazing support.   from everyone at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice         Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice Cramfit Road | North Anston | Sheffield | S25 4AJ t: 01909 517360 | w:  ...

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Welcome to the ESC Global blog

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Hello all, I’m Ryehan and Welcome to the ESC Global blog.   I will be writing a weekly blog, so I thought I’d best start with telling you a bit about myself. I am currently employed by ESC Global, who are a specialist water treatment company based in Doncaster. I was recruited through a government apprenticeship scheme and I work in the accountancy team of the company.   I knew becoming an accountant is what I wanted to be ever since I was young, and I believe that the apprenticeship scheme is a great opportunity. I had been on the hunt for an accounts apprenticeship ever since I had left school but I had no luck so I decided to attend college for a year, acquire two AS level qualifications in both maths ad ICT and started the hunt again. I believed that having these two AS levels would give me a better chance on securing the apprenticeship.   I am currently attending college once a week to study the AAT level 2 qualification in accountancy; after completing my first exam in accountancy, I achieved a 90% pass mark demonstrating to my employer my capabilities, as they have high expectation of me in terms of the results I achieve through various exams as well as the work I produce within the work place.   Choosing to take the apprenticeship route rather than going to university was a difficult decision for me as they both have benefits, however in my opinion I think I have made the right choice. I believe that hands on experience will benefit me more than continuing to study full time. The apprenticeship route shows me what it is like to be part of a real company and how to solve real time issues. Another reason why I believe I have made the correct choice is that being part of the team here at ESC Global has helped me improve  my confidence and  communications skills – two of the things I have always lacked. Coming to ESC Global was a scary experience for me because I had just finished my first year in college, and without any experience in accountancy, I was jumping straight in to a business, but when I arrived, I received a warm welcoming from the whole team which helped me gain confidence. Interacting with both my colleagues and the company’s customers has helped me improve my communication skills.   It is my hope to gain a permanent contract here at ESC Global and to be part of the success. Once I complete the level 2 AAT and gain the qualification, I will carry on my studies to then hopefully become a fully qualified accountant.   Thank you for reading a brief introduction of myself, if you have any question please do leave a comment below....

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