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National Deaf awareness week

ESC Global are proud to supply the Doncaster Deaf Trust with our services. The Deaf Trust is a specialist Deaf school, and as it is ‘national deaf awareness week’ this week, I thought I would produce a blog on our relationship with the Doncaster Deaf trust, and all the services we supply to them.


The Deaf Trust was founded in 1829, and throughout the years have won various awards and accreditation. The trust offers education and training to young people aged 16 – 25 who have special educational needs. They provide a programme called SES which is designed specifically to help and support disabled people from across the country to achieve their job goals. (At the bottom of the blog is a link to a story about a student who attended The Deaf Trust getting employed doing his dream job). The trust has recently been accredited the Matrix quality standard. This is a major accreditation as it ensures the parents/students of the children in the school that the information, advice and guidance given to students attending the courses or training is the best it can be.


ESC Global supply The Deaf Trust with a comprehensive range of water hygiene services. By following the guidelines set by HSG 274 and ACOP L8, we can ensure The Deaf Trust, and all our customers are getting the quality services they deserve.esc global and ddt


Through my apprenticeship, I have had the opportunity to experience the water/chemical engineering side of ESC Global. I was assigned to help with the flushing and servicing of The Doncaster Deaf Trust for a number of weeks. Flushing is a service where an engineer flushes an outlet until the temperature at the outlet stabilises and is comparable to supply water and purge to drain. With the help of one of my colleagues, we would have the whole school flushed and dosed in a few hours. The school I aided to service was quite large, containing many buildings; some infrequently used so this would take longer to flush as the water would take more time to reach optimum temperature. If there isn’t physical regular movement of hot and cold water in the distribution pipework, this can cause a risk from exposure to legionella.


Going on site with the engineers was a great experience for me because it gave me an understanding of the work the company does. This experience has given me an insight in to a different sector of employment. Being able to learn about accountancy as well as learn aspects of water/chemical engineering is great as it makes me more knowledgeable in different sectors of the working environment.


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