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CASE STUDY – Data analysis tool saves client £10k+ pa

ESC Global believes inefficiencies of boilers and components associated with the entire system cause unnecessary costs. These are easily rectified. We have developed a specific data efficiency analysis tool (DEAT). This uses actual data collected from the systems to identify specifically which areas are impacting on overall efficiency and cost. Our DEAT has the capability to identify optimal solutions. We have used the DEAT at multiple clients with a range of boilers. This analysis has yielded positive results.

For example the DEAT identified that the softener a textiles company we service was running at a 72% salt efficiency and an 85% regeneration efficiency. This was incurring an additional unnecessary spend of almost £5,500.00 annually.

Using the DEAT we identified potential saving if the company was to introduce a flash steam recovery and heat exchange recovery system. The flash steam recovery system will be designed to use the steam lost during system blow down. The heat exchange system uses the blow down to pre heat the water entering the hot well. Implementing these recommendations the client is expected to save over £10,000.00 this year.

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