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Green AquaCare Shield Sanitising Products

When soap and water is not available the government have stressed it is still important to regularly clean hands whilst away from home. Green Aquacare Shield hand sanitiser and individually packaged hand wipes can assist in helping to keep you and your colleagues, family and friends as clean and safe as possible. The government have also suggested we clean high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms more frequently in a bid to reduce the spread of COVID-19 which can survive on services for a period of time. Our surface spray can be used to frequently clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces and frequently touched surfaces such as door handles.


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Our Products


Green AquaCare Surface Sanitiser

Green AquaCare Shield is a certified product that is laboratory tested to kill 99.5% of bacteria on contact. The product is not dependent on alcohol to kill bacteria. It is proven to continue working killing bacteria up to 24hrs after surface contact at 99.1%. Green AquaCare shield surface spray is tested and conforms to BSEN 1276, 1650 and 16615. It conforms to all current UK and European requirements on surface sanitisers. Green AquaCare Shield surface spray does not stain or bleach surfaces.

*The surface spray is available in 500ml or 1ltr spray bottles.


Green AquaCare Hand Sanitiser

Green AquaCare Shield hand sanitiser is alcohol free so does not depend on alcohol to kill bacteria. This also means it can be used on sensitive skin, and suitable for people suffering with eczema. It is tested and conforms to BSEN 13727 and 1650. It conforms to all current UK and European requirements on hand sanitisers.

*Product is supplied in 25ltr, 200ltr and IBC’s.

*Foaming top dispenser bottles available to buy – please contact us, details as below.


Green AquaCare Shield Sanitising Wipes

This is the same product as mentioned above but in the form of an individually packaged wipes.


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