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New build announcement

ESC Global are proud to announce that our parent holding company, Environmental Speciality Chemicals have made a submission for planning permission for our new headquarters which we propose will be located by the lakeside in Doncaster.


After purchasing a parcel of land in early 2015, nearly 3 years of preparation and planning has led to our planning application. ESC has consulted employees on the proposals, by giving them an opportunity to suggest ideas for what they would like to see in the new build. Each employee has been offered the chance to pick out 3 things they would like to see in this building, and the most popular requests have been chosen and used in the design. Ideas incorporated have included:

– a gym, changing room and showers

– increased staff facilities, so we have a kitchen, staff room and welfare facilities on each floor

– an increased numbers of meetings room available for use with clients

– natural light, and maximising the lake views

– height adjustable desks, to allow sitting or standing work stations

– air conditioning and controlled cooling.


Here are some of the specification of the new build

On the ground floor, we will have a smart entrance with plenty of space for our reception and waiting area. This area is to have a water feature, or a water fall with space for wall art and our company logo. There will be a lounge area for our visitors to wait enjoying views looking on to the lake, with doors leading to an external patio/seating area. ESC will also have its own personal gym on the ground floor, for all employees to use with changing rooms and showers as well as a working laboratory. Our aim is for the ground floor to be of high quality materials as this reflects the company’s image and philosophy.


On the first floor, we will have a spacious open plan office alongside several individual offices. There will also be two meeting rooms so meetings can be held with our clients, alongside staff facilities.


The second floor will have a large board room going around one corner with access to an external balcony enjoying views over the lake. It will also have a dining room, with an equally impressive view looking on to the lake.


The third floor consists of curves contrasted with angels rather than straight walls to portray a feeling of openness and space. The material used to design/build the top floor must be of the highest quality possible, as these rooms will be mainly used by the company directors.


The building itself will be of a modern and fresh look, blending in with existing buildings in the vicinity. On the lake side we propose tinted glass looking out to the lake with bi-folding doors on all levels with blinds and briese soliel – which will be a feature on that side of the building with some exposed brickwork.


Choosing the look for the design was quite difficult for the directors. We had 3 architects pitch and present to the directors. After assessing the bids, and discussing each design and layout, the directors decided to go with the design from Enjoy Design as shown below –


new build picture

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