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ESC 19

This product can be used as:

This product can be used in the following systems:



ESC 19 is a specifically formulated liquid alkalinity adjuster for all boilers and cooling circuits based on Sodium Hydroxide.
ESC 19 will effectively control and prevent corrosion due to low alkalinity in the boiler feed water
ESC 19 will help to prevent scale deposit on heat transfer surfaces and maintain alkalinity levels within the system
ESC 19 is particularly effective in hot water and steam systems, and is economical in chemical consumption.

ESC 19 is normally dosed at 20 – 80 ppm (gm/m3) dependant on feed water quality and is simply dosed via our prominent dosage pump direct from the delivery container, or from a chemical dosage point.
Our technical service engineers will provide full analysis and on site service to ensure maximum control and dosage efficiency is maintained.

ESC 19 is available within 3 days of receipt of official order and is delivered in either 25 lt 200lt or 800 lt containers