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Work experience placement

ESC Global are proud to have sponsored Ross Barron, a student studying A level Chemistry, Biology and Physics at Hall Cross Academy sixth form for his work experience placement. Ross personally got in touch with us and requested to join us for a week to learn about and experience the water treatment industry.

Ross is still deciding whether he wants to study a degree in Chemistry or Physics; in which his indecisiveness is what caused him to search for a work placement regarding chemistry. Through searching the internet, he found ESC Global. Ross did a lot of research in to our company, browsing through our various specialised chemicals and the services we offer on our website. He then took an interest in the relationship between chemistry and our industry, which then caused him to contact us.

During his time at ESC Global, Ross worked very closely with our team of specialist engineers Thomas Hughes, John Collins, Martin Holdsworth and Chris Donk, visiting various sites in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. He experienced the servicing side of the water treatment industry and how much it links in with engineering regarding the maintenance of specific sites, the customer service required throughout. Throughout the placement Ross was able to see how each individual service has a significant link between the industry and the chemistry behind it all, as well as, learning how the chemistry that ESC Global uses in industry has a significant impact on everyday water usage, energy efficiency and carbon saving, for which Ross had a very keen interest in.

I asked Ross about his initial expectation of the work experience and what he thought it would be like compared to what the experience was actually like and in his own words he answered –

In all honesty, I did not know what to expect for this type of work experience in the industry but I can definitely say that my time at ESC has exceeded what I thought my expectations would have been as well as what other people’s expectations would be. It is such a fantastic place to work with an amazing one of a kind atmosphere both in and out of the working environment.

The staff at ESC Global have been more than excellent as they are really kind, friendly and full of ‘banter’ as well as having looked after me and treated me like one of their own work colleagues by taking me to sites and explaining to me in excess amount of detail about how it is they are doing works and why they are doing it- allowing me to gain a great understanding of their everyday work life as well as the relationship between industry and chemistry.”


A few words from the staff of ESC Global on the time they spent with Ross –

Ross showed interest in the more hands on parts of the job especially as we were able to take him on a prospect visit & he was able to join the meeting. He did say he had found parts of the meeting hard to understand but that is only to be expected. We then went to an established customer so he then saw the finished product in place & operating. On our return to the office I went through some aspects of chemical analysis techniques & methods. Ross demonstrated a willingness to have a go at answering questions being asked of him & showed a good broad science knowledge by getting some correct and learning on the parts he did not. Overall a quiet but well mannered young man who grew more & more interested in our industry as the week went on. Wish him all the best for the future, tell not to write off biology.

John Collins

Water treatment engineer



Thursday 13th July Ross was with me carrying out the water hygiene activities at several sites across DoncasterAlthough this wasn’t the main focus of Ross’ time with us he was interested when I explained the reasons why we carry out water hygiene tasks, he also took the opportunity to ask any questions if he didn’t understand why some thing was being done. Ross was well presented and interacted well with site personnel when required.

Martin Holdsworth

Water hygiene engineer



I spent Monday morning with Ross doing an induction on the company with company history and structures covering all of our housekeeping. I also went through some key points in the company handbook including H&S that was necessary. This took us most of the morning which was heavy going and a little dull at times but Ross was very polite and conducted himself extremely well asking plenty of questions throughout the whole process.

I found Ross to be very polite at all times and he showed a genuine interest in our business and in asking questions about the business and procedures etc.”

 Debbie Slingsby

HR Manager



I had the pleasure of working with Ross on two occasions during his work experience week. On the Tuesday Ross accompanied us on a sales call to a potential customer, Ross experienced first hand the face to face dealings and negotiations with customers to understand the sites requirements and how we propose to ensure the requirements are met to the highest standard possible. Ross had the opportunity to look around 2 working industrial boiler houses, we discussed the whole system from the pre-treatment plants (reserves osmosis and base exchange softening plants) to the steam boilers, what the steam is used for in the process and how to chemically treat them system. Ross was particularly interest in the combined heat and power (CHP) boiler which uses the waste gas from the steam boilers to heat the water for the heating system (radiators) and drive a turbine for the electrical supply for the whole building, which a significant percentage is put back into the grid. CHP boilers are becoming a major part of our industry as many companies are look at different ways to improve there environmental impact. 


Ross has a keen interest in chemistry which was the main reason for him choosing ESC for his work experience. On Friday, Ross visited one of our customers who’s process requires large amounts of cooling to ensure their machinery does not over heat. The cooling water is supplied from two large industrial evaporative condensers. As per of our service agreement and site legislative requirements, ESC have to perform chemical analysis on the cooling water to ensure it is safe and efficient to use. Ross learnt first hand how to perform different titrations such as testing for total & calcium hardness, alkalinity, chloride etc. Our testing methods are designed to be accurate however are a means to indicated any issues with the cooling water unlike test which are performed in a laboratory setting. 


Throughout the time spent with Ross I believe he was engaged and showed interest throughout, Ross asked many questions and contributed to conversation between myself and colleagues which showed a good understanding of our industry. I hope the work experience at ESC Global was worth while for Ross and I wish him all the best in the future.

 Thomas Huges

Water treatment Engineer


 Overall, we believe that this experience was a success, and the whole team here at ESC Global wish Ross the very best of luck for the future!

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